The handcrafted, custom, neon clocks created by Curtis Clocks are truly unique. At once, both retro and contemporary, our exclusive designs are so stunning that they become the centerpiece of your business. Not only do our clocks entice customers in, but they create warmth and hospitality, generating an atmosphere that people do not want to leave.

Curtis Clocks believes things should be built to last. A rarity in our time of disposable products, we are dedicated to fine craftsmanship. Inspired by a time when people took pride in workmanship and in the words, Made in America, we believe in making a commitment to the customer by offering the finest design and quality. Our neon clocks reflect those beliefs. They transport you to a better time. Thank you for coming.

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Harley Davidson Neon Clock - Curtis Clock We offer handcrafted, quality neon clocks reminiscent of the style and manner of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Attention to detail and precision craftsmanship goes into each and every product. Our work is custom, so whatever you can dream up, we can make a reality. Explore our wide range of examples here. View Curtis Clocks
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If our custom clocks excite you, and you crave more, visit our eBay auctions. There you can see examples of specific clocks that relate to any special interest. Search eBay to find the perfect Curtis Clock to fulfill your exact need. Shop eBay for Cutis Clocks

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