About Curtis Clocks

Curtis Neon Clocks Curtis Stimpson is the creator and owner of Curtis Clocks. Born and raised in Burbank, CA, Curtis attended high school during the 1960s. War raged in Viet Nam during that time, and after high school graduation, Curtis served his country in that war. Upon returning home, Curtis entered the construction trade with his father, who was a general contractor. After that, his interests led him to rebuilding and restoring muscle cars. These experiences instilled in him honesty and integrity, creating the desire to produce exceptional quality products and give excellent customer service.

Soon after these experiences, Curtis had the opportunity to act on a lifelong fascination with neon. In 1988, he took a neon course and discovered that what people say about neon is true - it is challenging to work with. However, neon was a challenge he was excited to overcome. Ever since that time, he has been working with neon, refining his technique and ultimately mastering the art of neon.

Working from his garage in Burbank, Curtis is able to design and construct clocks with parts made only in the USA. Everything from the flames and fires to filling the tubes is accomplished in his workshop. His original products reflect the pride people feel when they hear, made in the USA.

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